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Hi. Would it be possible to get a community copy? No worries if not. This looks really cool though

Hi Chezmarie,

We’re currently crowdfunding for a print run, which includes people donating community copies. They’ll be refilled once that’s resolved!


Conspiracies? Anomalies? Eldritch horror? And the greatest, oldest evil of all - Bureaucracy?! Yes, please, inject this straight into my bloodstream. (BTW, I see you, Bill Cipher, you're not getting me this time.)

Thanks so much for your comment Axiom Delver - can we use it as a public testimonial? If so, how should we credit you?


Of course, please use it. As for crediting me, just the name "Axiom Delver" should be enough, I don't have a big platform (working on it, though). Unless you have a preferred way to give credit? I haven't been asked for permission before, not sure what info is needed :)