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Welcome to the San Jenaro Short Games Digest, Volume 2! For this fall’s issue, we’re bringing you 21, count ‘em, new games!  We’ve got games for everyone in here, of all sorts of styles. The San Jenaro Co-Op is a fully operational machine of game making, and we want you along for the ride.

Check out some of what we’ve got in store for you:

  • In Tina Falcon’s Sponsored* Skating RPG, compete as a skateboarder trying to pull of the gnarliest combo before time runs out!
  • In Cats of San Jenaro, be a cat with magic in an urban fantasy nightmare world!
  • In Voice in the Static, use dominoes to describe a surrealist road trip that makes Lost Highway look like Crossroads!
  • In Gingerbread Jailbreak, fight off giant ants and kids with peppermint and magic!
  • In Speedrunners, find new ways to play your favorite games!
  • In The Airbnb From Hell, you’re a group of friends taking a much-needed vacation  in a house in the woods full of demons trying to eat your souls! #selfcare! 

And so many more! The San Jenaro Co-Op is a collective of designers, writers, artists, and other creatives who believe in equal pay for equal contribution. Our books are 100% profit-shared, 100% creator-owned. So if this book does well, the creators do well.  

Until Itch provides a native profit sharing/royalty split system, any sales here will be contributing to a Co-op warchest which can be used for helping finance co-op related endeavors like seed money for kickstarters, hiring outside freelancers and advertisement. 

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AuthorFar Horizons CoOp
GenreRole Playing
TagsCo-op, Fantasy, san-jenaro-co-op, Tabletop


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